We are on a mission to get this CD finished asap!  We have recorded and are almost done with mixing and mastering. All that is left is getting the CDs produced.  All the funds from this kickstarter will go to the production of the CD and shirts.  Everyone that donates $25 will get a cd $40 will get you a cd and a shirt (i’ll be designing the shirt this week)  We really want to get this album in physical form as soon as possible.  So please consider Donating aka Pre-purchasing our CD to help us out!

Kickstarter is an all or nothing fundraising solution. We set the goal at $600. If we dont get $600 in donations everyone gets their money back and we dont get a penny.  So PLEASE share this link, repost our video, spread the word for us so that we can finally get this full length album done, in your hands and on the shelves of the local music stores.

You can read more about our project here:


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