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Emails and Fan mail exerpts:

“Listen. Here comes a band…a band named Vessel. A conveyer of true music. A driving rhythm section and two talented guitarists create dynamic melody with cohesiveness & clarity.

First, the band lays down a groove that will suck-you-in. Once you board Vessels’ hypnotic intro, their music builds momentum and endures transitions that reach an edgy and dramatic climax. In summary, Vessel delivers a heart-throbbing saga that will spark your own introspective reflections.

The drummer sets down a crisp base pedal that will adjust your heartbeat to his. Add to that a heavy dose of bass guitar who’s impeccable driving beat milks the marrow from your bones! And finally the guitars; the icing on the cake…two synchronized instrumentalists provide the compass for us all.

Each song is a “trip” for you! It has a beginning, a middle, and a kick-ass ending! Moments of brilliance from each musician drives the audience to a common emotional state together as one! They know their instruments very well. They are very familiar to each other and are superb at expressing musical dynamics together. Young, vibrant, and enthusiastic with a bright future! When you can, take the opportunity to witness true “art” through musicianship and band creativity!

Fill yourself up with Vessel!

Bob Keech RockRoll”