New Show Added

Its official!!

April 20th 7pm Haiti Benefit Concert with The Lonesome Atlantic!

tickets are only $8 and half of all the ticket sales will go to the haiti relief effort!

Tickets can be purchased from either band, at the church or online at
Online sales are subject to a $1.25 processing fee per ticket

We have enough room for 300 people at this event. Only 300 tickets will be sold. THIS IS AN ALL AGES EVENT So tell everyone and get your tickets. The money goes to a great cause and our money can do alot more in haiti than it can here. .


Back to the Studio We Go!

We are going back into the studio to do the next wave of recording on the 3rd of March. We can’t wait to get this album done. Its going to be so nice to have a legitimate professional sounding cd.  We are also in the planning stages of a big benefit show in rochester to help raise money for Haiti. We want to pack the house and raise a ton of money for the charity. The house seats 300. I would have to see 300 people packed in there!

Halfway to Funding Next Stage of Recording!!

A couple very generous people donated enough to cover half of the next wave of recording!!   So everyone gets a thanks from Vessel. You get to hear the rough mix of a new song set to a video of us recording it in the studio.

If you like it feel free to toss a couple bux in donations toward our recording. (Click the donations button on the right)

We appreciate all your support and help with this project!

A Weekend at Thundering Sky Studios. Vessel Full Length Recording In Progress!

We spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Thundering Sky Studios, in South Berwick Maine, working on our full length. We recorded  ”High Noon”, “Alexandria” and a brand new song called “I’m Going To Miss This When We’re Dead”.  This is the beginning of the process to finally release our first full length album. We are absolutely excited about the progress so far. Chris Magruder, who runs and operates Thundering Sky is beast. His knowledge and attention to detail is going to shine through on this album. We can’t say enough about his professionalism and abilities. We have rough mixes right now in our possession that are better than most mastered copies we’ve heard from large national acts.  We are sort of nervous that the final product will be so high quality that it might cause spontaneous combustion and the occasional socks being blown off. Be prepared that you might need a  designated listener when first experiencing the full length.

When we were first looking to record we were under the impression that our area didn’t really have much to offer as far as professional studios go. We have a friend who studied under a man who worked on some platinum artists and figured if we were serious about our music we needed it to be recorded in a serious studio. Admittedly, we should have looked a little closer to home before making the assumption that our area didn’t have such a studio. We eventually found two studios we wanted to check out. We heard great things about both so we wanted to give them both a shot. We visited Both Thundering Sky and another studio locally. Both had great technicians and gear but when you first walk into thundering sky there is just this presence, an unexplainable comfort. I think we all knew the moment we stepped in the door, that we had found what we were looking for.  Chris is super accommodating and we felt at home, turning handshakes to hugs and music into magic.

I kid you not, the rough mixes are better than most things we’ve heard. We can’t help but smile when we listen to the new recordings. A few times john broke out into fits of random yelling at the end of the songs.  This is our passion and we intend to pursue it to the best of our abilities. We are three songs into the full length. We are guessing it will have a total of 8 or 10 songs. We have a couple other new ones we are in the process of writing that we will hopefully be able to get onto the album. This is a very expensive process but we are dedicated to putting in the work and time to make sure we give you the best possible album possible, not only sonically, but also musically. We hope to have it finished by late spring, early summer. We need to get back into the studio as soon as possible if we plan to meet that goal. We will be trying to play some big shows and come up with some creative fundraising ideas.

Throughout the weekend Chris’ wife Megan took photos and videos so that we could give you guys a glimpse into the recording process. We are excited to be able to tell you something… Not only do we have these songs recorded but we now have our first Music Video! Chris labored over the last couple nights editing and synching up the video with the new rough mixes.  We are very happy with the result. Its certainly not professional.. but its not far from it. Megan did a great job with the videography which made Chris’ job a little easier.

So here is where you come in. We are going to show you the video and introduce our newest song to you. However, there is a catch. We are also in need of funding for more recording. We spent every penny and then some on what we recorded this weekend.  So to give you our video a little incentive for helping us out. We have a donation button on the top right of the home page.  As soon as we hit $100 in donations we will release the video (we will email you the link so you can watch it)  We figure $100 is a very small amount considering all the fans out there. So a quick 1-5 dollar donation here and there should help us reach that $100 rather quick.  We need $300 to get the songs we just recorded into finished mixes.  So $100 would be a great start! If we get more than $200 Chris just might be able to give you guys another video of either alexandria or high noon.  Hopefully this idea works,, we really want to get back into the studio to finish this album for you guys.


The Donation button is on the top right of the Home Page.


(update 2/10/12)( we recieved a $300 donation to get us back in the studio!) we still need about twice that to complete another weekend of recording.  Thank you sooooooo much to those who believe in us and our music. We are extremely grateful!


Studio Time!!!!!!

Vessel will be hitting the studio this month! 2012 marks the year that we release our full length album. We will be recording at Thundering Sky studios in South Berwick, Maine. We are very excited to be working with Chris McGruder and can’t wait to get this project started and eventually finished. We believe he is the best man for the job and the only studio in the area with the ability really capture our sound and energy. We are so blessed to have so many friends and family that come out to our shows and continue to support us. We will be pouring out our hearts and souls, giving our all on this cd so we can present you with something amazing as thanks for your support and love.

Recording is expensive and the project isn’t going to be cheap. But we will be doing everything within our power to get this funded in a timely manner.  If you would like to bless us with a donation toward the project feel free to hit the donation button on the fundraising page.  We are eternally grateful for those who have donated so far and for those who will decide to donate.

We will be practicing wednesday night and will probably start around 6:00-6:30ish. you can visit the vessel vision page on our site and watch us live :)  You’ll get to hear our newest song, something we havent played at a show yet.. and guess what.. its pretty freaking heavy.

thats all for now. Hope everyone had a great holiday season!

Chris & the Guys from Vessel




Vessel Video Stream!!

I’ve embeded a Ustream Channel into the Vessel Vision page. It also has a chat box too. You can now send us messages while we are practicing. We’ll try to keep logging in and recording practices as much as we can. We typically practice every week. So check it out when you get a chance! (Its also in the side bar too )


Thanks guys!

Video Stream

Working on some new songs

We are currently working on some new songs so we can have 10 or so songs for the Full length album.  We really want to give you guys a CD full of stuff you can enjoy. Every song sounds different from the other. I know I hate when I buy a cd and only 1 or 2 songs are really good and the rest suck. We are going to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. We are still trying to raise funds for recording. We only need about $400 more to get the two days of sessions we need.  So please consider helping. Thanks everyone!

Getting Close to Recording!

Sadly we didn’t make the goal on the kickstarter project. We were really hoping to get the funds to be able to record at a super professional studio so we could provide our fans with a record that was the highest quality we could get. Its still attainable and, from what we have recently found out, could be virtually in our backyard.. We’ve been hearing a lot of good things about a studio locally that we are going to be checking out soon. The price is WAY BETTER and its only a couple towns away.  Thanks to our last show we were able to add some money to band fund and be about 1/3 the way to our new funding goal.

So.. we are going to relaunch our fund raising campaign.. but this time we are just going to do it on our website. its Lame that kickstarter doesnt allow funding unless it reaches the goal. The $500 we would have had still would have been a huge help. So Now we are going to do it on our own.

We need a total of about $900 to get all of our recording and mastering done. We currently have $330 in the band budget.

I am going to post a Paypal Donation button here on this blog post and also in the sidebar. If you feel compelled to support Vessel and want to help us record our full length, please feel free to donate.  We will continually update here on the  site as funds are donated so everyone can see our progress.


We will still give a few rewards for the donors.

$10+  Will get access to our digital downloads of the 4 song demo “Elements”

$20 You will be Mailed a hardcopy of our demo

$30 will get you a cop of the full length when its released, in your preference of digital or physical copy.

$100+ we will video our band performing a cover of any song you choose and post it to youtube. Any song…any…

$200+ we will play a show for you, can be your birthday party, earth day celebration,Business Function, Wedding or whatever reason you would want a personal show. Invite as many friends as you want, its your place you can do what you want :) . The only restriction is the location has to be with in 1.5 hours or Rochester NH.

You can donate any amount you want. even $1 helps but the sky is the limit!

Thanks to Everyone who attended our show on Oct 1st

Thanks to the Rochester Opera House for hosting, Cross the Divide, Bros in Arms, The Watkinsonics and Ricky Reilly for playing and everyone who showed up. All of our bands proceeds are going directly into the recording fund. We REALLLLLLY want to record our full length for you guys. We will start working on a brand new song this week. John will be starting to incorporate his E-Bow into the new stuff. We are quite excited about what we briefly heard last week at practice from john. Can’t wait to get this new song finished and down so we can play it for you. The full length will have at least 10 songs on it. So thanks to everyone for the support! Can’t wait to see you at our next show!

Help Vessel Record Their Debut Album!

Vessel is trying to raise $3000 to fund recording our full length album.  The funding project is all or nothing. We have 60 days to raise $3000 or we don’t get a penny and the donors won’t  be charged.    you can read more on our project and check out  our music at