The Dudes

The band is formed by 4 great friends.
We love everything about music. The writing process is fun and flows quite fluid since we are basically just a group of good friends crafting songs we love. We hope that the stuff we write and play will be enjoyed by everyone. To continue to enjoy playing and writing we have been writing stuff that we really like. The music is honest and full of emotional. We hope that the dynamics in the music engage the listener and take them on an journey with us as we play.
-John Lindsey plays guitar in the band, but also can play the drums and really wants to learn to play the saw. An amazing guitarist with a passion for music. It was his vision that inspired this band in the first place. The music he writes is super emotional and dynamic and its a thrill to be writing music with him.

-Stephen Poole never ceases to amaze us. The guitar work he writes so expressive and unique. He’s a super friend and also the youngest of crew. John and Chris have known Stephen since he was a young lad. They all went to the same church youth group and have kept in touch and remained friends ever since.

-Chris Murphy is the old man of the group.. a ripe old age of 27. Also the one writing this biography. So to not toot my own horn, I wont praise myself. However, I have heard that I slap a mean bass.

-Ricky Reilly was our original drummer and played on the ablum. He has since moved to NYC to focus on his solo act. He is a very talented young man. He’s a Berkley grad and has his own solo acoustic project that he’s been on for many years. He’s a huge asset to the band an a great friend of all of us. Back when Ricky and John were in high school they played in two bands together. The first was a screamo band called “My letter” and the next was a metal band called “The Brethren”. We wish him the best of luck on his NYC adventures!

-Chris Boardman is the newest addition to the band. We’ve all known him for as long as we can remember and he has made a seamless transition in the band. What Chris lacks in height he more than makes up in volume and technical ability. He is a very accomplished drummer that continues to surprise us at every show. We are excited to see what direction our new writing goes in with Chris behind the kit.